Directory Layout

If you connect e.g. via FTP with the web server, you’ll see the following directories:

  • /htdocs/ (or sometimes /html/): Web-Dateien…

  • /cgi-bin/: CGI scripts

  • /apps/: web applications, installed using the LiveConfig AppInstaller

  • /logs/: log files (access.log, PHP error log, etc.)

  • /stats/: web access statistics files

  • /priv/: directory for private data (not directly accessible via web)

  • /tmp/: temporary files like file upload data and session files

The top directory (/) is not writable for security reasons.

Multiple Websites

If you plan to run multiple different websites within one subscription, you need to create a different subdirectory below /htdocs/ for each website, e.g. /htdocs/my-blog/, /htdocs/landingpage/, and so on.

You then can configure each domain to start in the respective subdirectory - see domain settings.